Design Philosophy

Having vast experience in the design und build of modern mining machinery the engineering team at MOBIFLEX have purpose designed a robust rubber-belt conveyor system that can carry material spillage and abrasion- free around tight corners.

The design concept of the MOBIFLEX® system takes cognizance of the advantages of rubber conveyance. The heart of the MOBIFLEX ® system is a specially developed rubber trough belt patented as BeltCurveyor®. The superb carrying capacity and ability to contract and expand when negotiating tight corners facilitates that this robust bulk moving system is able to carry up to 1500 m³/hr of materials of various density. The BeltCurveyor® system is designed to negotiate 6m corners in both stationary as well as mobile applications.

Mobility is granted to the MOBIFLEX ® system by placing BeltCurveyor® onto a series of self propelled track mounted undercarriage modules. These linked track modules in combination with synchronized hydraulic steering cylinders propel the system forward and reverse in one constant snake-like motion precisely along the centreline of a given path.

The TRUE TRACK ® control and steering system grants fully automatic positioning necessitating only one forward facing driver/operator on the in-feed side and an observer on the discharge end. Traming speeds are designed to easily outperform the prime mover and the belt hauling capacity exceeds that production capacity of the prime mover thus ensuring that the CM never has to stop its operations. In combination with an onboard roof bolter the production process now truly could become continuous.