Product Groups

1. BeltCurveyor®
This is a curve-going elastomere belt design which facilitates 3-d continuous haulage of bulk materials around curves as well as up and down in and de-clines. It comes in various shapes sizes, dimensions, materials and combinations thereof and may be propelled by a variety of drive systems.

2. Mobiflex Continuous Haulage System
This is a self-propelled mobile curve-going conveyor train for soft rock mining. Its main purpose is to facilitate uninterrupted haulage of bulk materials when combined with mass prime movers like continuous miners, road headers, tunnel borers and others also in multi heading mining and production sections etc. It is able to operate on rough undulating ground, paved roadways as well as on surface and hanging wall mounted rail and rope systems.

3. Statiflex®
This is a stationary curve conveyor design which consists of a guide channels structure as well as the drive arrangement for the Beltcurveyor and all its derivatives. Its field of application is manifold.